You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!

Hello Happy Travellers!

Last night I had the pleasure of attending one of my favourite travelling workshops in Melbourne. The ARK Clothing Company, one of Melbourne’s leading clothing labels, and boast their clothes still being manufactured in Australia, showed us how to pack a bag using The Ark’s latest Spring range of clothing and accessories for a two week overseas trip. Yes! You heard that right….two weeks! And I wasn’t disappointed!

At least once a fortnight, over the winter months, Kerry and her lovely team from The Ark, have put together a Travel Night in their High St, Malvern Store to show us just how easy it is.

What I love about what these lovely ladies do,  is that they actually do it in front of you….a practical demonstration of changing in and out of their clothing… so that you can visually see the transormation from something quite simple and unassuming, into something nothing short of remarkable!

The Icing is on the Cake
When styling someone, they use the analogy of outfits being the same as a cake.

  1. The basic cake recipe is the same as a basic layer of clothing that includes either a black or oyster coloured t-shirt with sleeve lengths depending on the season, leggings and a tight fitting mid thigh dress.
  2. The icing related to coloured or patterned loose fitting flowy long tops and short tops, all with interesting hem lines layered to suit your body shape
  3. Then the sprinkles and the decorations are the scarves and jewellery that can cleverly lead the eye to look in all the right places and flatter your body shape.

Of course depending on your body shape, appropriate styles and colours are chosen to suit your indivicual needs and tastes. The final result on the women who were demonstrating this analogy was amazing!

If I counted correctly, there were something like 10 different combinations and possibilities for outfits, which could allow you to wander the streets of Paris by day, looking very chic, then attending the opera by night- even with a sparkling top! All that and more in a tiny case and still there was room for shopping!

Keep Calm and Carry On
As a Travel Advisor, I  got very excited about all this information and loved that it could all be packed into a 55cm Carry On suitcase. There is something very liberating about being able to sail through all those lines in the airport and sit at the gate lounge reading your favourite magazine waiting to board your aircraft. I believe everyone can do that if they set their minds to it, and you can save yourselves $$$ in excess luggage! 

The very small and compact luggage bag The Ark use for a two week holiday. There is even room for the dog! 

What about cosmetics and toiletries you may ask? They had this all sewn up too. The cleverly designed Plane Jane Travel Pack featured and showed that you can remain loyal to your own brands, decant your lotions and potions into the ‘PJ’ cabin sized bottles to get you through security check points the world over.

The Ark  have the weight issue all stitched up too. Being a summer wardrobe, everything was made from beautiful lightweight natural fibres including cottons, some blended with silks as well as polyester for easy wash and wear. And with the suitcase only being 55cm in height, it is compliant as Carry-On luggage on a Domestic Qantas, Jetstar, Tiger flight, (NOT Virgin) and any International Flight providing it stays under the 7kg weight. Too easy with all those lovely fabrics and small bottles.

I for one will be able to have my cake and eat it too and still fit into and look fabulous in The Ark’s lovely flowing, super comfortable travelling clothes!

If you are serious about travelling and need a little more guidance, please feel free to attend one of my 7 easy Steps to Lifestyle Travelling at the Victorian Seniors Festival during October. You will be enlightened about packing your bag and many other issues relating to getting yourself organised for that next big overseas trip.

Bye for now and happy travels,

Felicity Hutchison


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  1. Kyra Pybus says:

    What a great article! You have really inspired me to pare down my packing process. And as you point out, it needn’t make your wardrobe on your trip boring!

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