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I am very excited! I am heading to Singapore with my Mum, who is now 83, bless, and my two gorgeous sisters for a special kind of holiday. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for the four of us to get together, so we want it to be really special but not too extravagant. We are there for a week and also wanting a comfortable, fun, convenient place to stay. And because it is so special, we want lifelong memories of the event, as you can well imagine!


I was looking online at all the usual cheap airfare sites, which is SO time consuming, when I chanced upon I have always known them for very reasonably priced hotel bookings, but it seems they have now moved into the realms of cheap airfares, holiday rentals and accommodation…or have I been missing something?

Here’s the deal we got. Day Flights return airfare from Adelaide to Singapore, with Singapore Airlines for $751! That includes taxes, 30kg luggage, meals and whatever other niceties Sing Air would like to throw in. What a bargain! And that was the cheapest by far.


The hotels couldn’t accommodate the four of us in one room and there was no guarantee of adjoining rooms. From my research, Singapore only has a handful of decent self -contained apartments, and they are very pricey and pretty soulless looking. So I decided to research on Craigslist and AirB’nB. Success at last! I found a 4 bedroom penthouse in a  great location and after a swift reply from the owner, Linton, I booked it immediately. It costs a little less than booking two hotel rooms, but we have the added luxury of having our own rooms and the cosiness of staying in a homely place.

If you are one to organise your own trips including airfares and accommodation, the job can be extremely time consuming and stressful. Use the sites I have linked to above, and you may save yourself some of the angst that I went through!!

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