The Secret of the 7 Easy Steps to Lifestyle Travelling

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You may have been following me as a Plane Jane fan, so welcome aboard this exciting new venture of mine! Having been working with the Miss Plane Jane for 2 years, many people have been asking me for travel advice of one kind or another. 7 Easy Steps to Lifestyle Travelling was born when I decided to bring it all together and take my words off the page and onto the stage…. as a Professional Speaker on this very topic! I live and breathe travelling, dreaming of the next place I want to explore and hope you do too.

Want to discover this secret? Well, CHECK IN, fasten your seat belt and receive the Stylish and Practical Booklet for the best 10 pages of travel information you will ever receive in your life! And it’s FREE!

Many of us are time poor and just want someone to TELL us what to do rather than having to trawl through millions of words on the many travel websites. So it’s not every day that a real life travel adviser with loads of experience can give you the answers personally and in print form!

We Australians are big travellers and many of us have done it in our younger years, continued to do it all our whole lives while many have retired or waited until the children are all grown up, and are now free to do something for ourselves.

The time has come….do not procrastinate….CHECK IN and get the Pre-Flight Manual for Newbie Travellers and see just how easy it is to start preparing for your trip of a life time!

Today more than ever Retirees are out there discovering this amazing world we live in. You want to know the HOW to’s and the WHERE to’s. You want to experience life in other people’s shoes, eat gorgeous food,  go on a quest of self discovery and challenges, or just photograph beautiful places and people to keep your memories alive. It is all out there waiting for you.  Practical And Stylish Travelling will show you how.

So if this is you, please feel free to join me in discovering this amazing world we live in. Share your thoughts, questions, ideas, gadgets, secret places and your passion for travel. We want it all! And in return you will receive professional tried and proven advice about travelling abroad from either myself or other members of the Flying Club….

Happy Travels Bon Ami!

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  1. Jessica Bleechmore says:

    This is all so fabulous. I LOVE it. xxxxxxxx Jessica

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