The Lighter Side of Bali


Just linger for 10 minutes…

I have just been to Bali and it was fantastic. I managed to eek out 6 days from my schedule, thinking it wouldn’t be long enough, but decided I just had to go and get warm for a few days. Well, I couldn’t have been more misled. While I was there I felt rested and so relaxed It was as if I had been away for ages. Two days felt like a week!And of course when I got back felt very invigorated and ready for action once again.

So of course, want to share a few things with you about the lighter side of Bali….the one where you see the beautiful Balinese people smiling and laughing, and happy to help you if you need something. But to do this, you need to not be anywhere near ‘Sunset Strip’ as I call it. If you can see the sun setting, unfortunately, you will get those that are jaded and over the tourists. If you head up East and North where you can see the sun rising, and the sand is black, then your experience will be altogether memorable and fantastic.

One of the quainter hotels in Candidasa, Bali

If you are happy not to stay in a big high rise resort, try Candidasa, Amed and Sanur and your experience will be very different. Here the pace is slower, beaches not as accessible, but food, service, scenery and of course the people are so much brighter and happier. See my review of this hotel on Trip Advisor.

I won’t go on as I am not here to tell you where to go in this post, but keep an eye out for some posts giving you some tips on how to travel lightly and safely around the island of Bali.

If you like to try new and unusual experiences, have a look at this video of me having a ‘Fish Spa’ foot treatment. It was a very strange feeling, but fun to do. The fish eat away at the dead skin on your feet and legs and it kind of tickles!

Fish Spa in Bali

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