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Cosmolite – Revival of an Icon

Now that you have just purchased your new luggage, I can now tell you that Samsonite have released their new versions of Cosmolite and Blite suitcases. They are available in store now, and have a few minor changes with major repercussions! This week the Cosmolite is under the spotlight.

As I have explained in my Ebook on Smart Travelling, the three things you need to look out for when buying new luggage are Weight, Capacity and Linear Measurement. This case has ticks in every box as far as being a winner on these counts.

Available in all colours except red in Australia.


Name Height, Width, Depth Litres Weight
Cosmolite FL 81 81cm x 55cm x 34cm 123L 3.1 kgs
Cosmolite FL 75 75cm x 51cm x 31cm 94L 2.8 kgs
Cosmolite FL 69 69cm x 46cm x 29cm 68L 2.5 kgs
Cosmolite FL 55 55cm x 40cm x 20cm 36L 1.8 kgs

Subtle changes include an ‘impressive weight reduction’ along with a new TSA lock tucked neatly onto the side with less chance of being knocked off by luggage handlers. But the thing that I really noticed was the ease with which the zipper opens and shuts. So much easier!

These and other new versions of Samsonite luggage are available at The Luggage Professionals both in store and online. Prices are showing 40% off retail price at time of this publication.

Smart Travels to you!



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