Your Travelling Story Starts Now!

Your Travelling Story Starts Now!

If you have received this, you will have joined my lovely community of fun loving travel bugs! Welcome and a very big thank-you to all you lovely people who came and attended my Travel Workshops in the Melbourne Town Hall last week. It was so much fun and great to hear all your travel stories from days gone by. Remember that travelling promotes fun and friendship the world over!

I hope that I have inspired you to book yourself a ticket and go away somewhere for an adventure. I wonder who is planning an Odyssey trip somewhere using your $75 voucher? Did you pick up Judith Barr’s free CD? On there is an interview she did with me that has a whole heap of useful information as well.

I also wanted to remind you that my Stylish Travel and Packing Workshop is filling fast. I am hoping we will have time to head down to one of the best shopping strips in Melbourne on Glenferrie Road, Malvern, to have a look at a fabulous luggage shop and great travel wares that everyone needs for a big trip away.

Details are on my Up and Coming Events Page!

Adios for now,



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