Schoolies Information for Parents

Photo courtesy of usadifranci

Teenagers prepare for schoolies years ahead of the event. As a parent you may have conflicting feelings. On the one hand you want your teenagers to know that you trust them as young people entering adult hood. On the other hand, you want them to stay safe and avoid high risk situations.

In this informative session, you will receive tips and topics when talking to your teenager, as well as general advice and suggestions on where you can go to access more information.

Safe Schoolies initiatives are put together by many different agencies involved in the event. Based on this information the following topics are included in the session for parents.

  • Your teenagers personal safety including:
    • Privacy and Social Media
    • Peer Group Pressure
    • Sexual Health
    • Making good choices
    • Drugs and Alcohol
    • Physical and Sexual Assault
    • Travelling safely
  • Being away and keeping in touch
  • Eating well and staying health
  • 7 Top Tips to share with your teenager before they go

If you can address these issues with your teenager you can to ensure a safe and happy holiday will be had by all.