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Talking to many of our solo women travellers and senior members who have retired and decided to travel, their biggest concern was travelling safely and feeling comfortable. Today, I would like to spend time on safety tips for travel, and will introduce you to an American brand that makes Anti-Theft travel gear which includes a fantastic range of Travel Gear for men and women. No more bag swiping from the back of a motor bike for us, or pick pockets under the table in your favourite restaurant!

Safety tips for keeping your Passport and Credit Cards Safe.

The most important things to keep safe when you are on holiday are your credit cards and  passport, because they are potentially the biggest pain to replace while you are travelling.

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. The acronym refers to small electronic devices and serves the same purpose as a bar code or a magnetic strip on the back of a credit card, ATM card or passport. These items must be scanned to retrieve the identifying information. To keep your passport and credit cards safe from being scanned while travelling, a wallet (pictured) is recommended. If you don’t feel like buying one, in one of my workshops a gentleman suggested a piece of silver paper, or aluminum foil works just as well! This smallish wallet can then be stored in your security wallet which I strongly suggest you wear at all times.

The next thing is to keep your day bag safe that holds things like cameras, day tickets, phones, iPads and other day to day useful gadgets. This is where my favourite anti theft travel gear comes in…

Pacsafe is a fantastic brand deal exclusively with anti-theft travel gear. The beauty of this security travel gear is that it looks like any ordinary bag or wallet or backpack, but with the added bonus that you are carrying one of the safest travel bags around. Not only that, but they come in pretty cool styles and colours that help make you look more like a local and less like a tourist. And of course it is all about looking stylish! Check them out and you be the judge. They aren’t cheap, but they offer you peace of mind for safe travelling.

Of course should something untoward occur while you are away, make sure you have all your credit card numbers and passport information carefully duplicated somewhere that is easily accessible. It could be photocopied and with friends back home, emailed to yourself in some cryptic coding only you know, or in another part of your luggage safely stored. But either way, be vigilant and always be aware of your surroundings and you will be fine.

To save you some time and effort, the Pacsafe range is available from the Luggage Professionals on line and in store.

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PS Outlined in this article are some suggestions that will certainly help ease some of your anxiety around keeping safe when travelling on your next holiday. If you like, please add your tips and tricks at the bottom of the article for others to read…you may just save someone a whole lot of aggravation.



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