Pack Your Glamour and Grace into a Case

People travel for all sorts of reasons and for any length of time, but for some crazy reason, many think that the longer they are away, and the more occasions they attend, the bigger the case has to be. ‘TIS NOT THE CASE! This is a notion that should be packed away forever and never let it see the light of day again! Throw out the tracksuits and come to one of my ‘Glamour Travel Workshops‘ and learn the art of ‘travel packing’.

Not sure about you, but I do wash more than once a month, and why should it be any different when you are travelling? And for sure when you travel there is going to be a ‘uniform’ that you create from inside your suitcase, and wear over the days and weeks you are away. The reality is, many items of clothing will not get worn, and are taking up valuable shopping space!

Luckily for us, there are many fantastic Australian designers who hear your pain and have done clever thinking around such dilemmas.


Sacha Drake, a fabulous Brisbane Designer has created Stretch Solutions offering us travellers-to-be, timeless, classic pieces, that are light and versatile. Sacha says, “Each outfit can be worn across many occasions and suit your busy lifestyle.”

The ‘Ultimate Black Dress’ is an absolute must-have because it can be worn 20 different ways! Or how about seamless stretch pants? Forget handwashing and ironing…these machine washable, non-iron pieces are travel friendly and will fit and flatter any body shape.






Or if you are like me and love to get around in gorgeous pants, then these Sacha Drake Seamless pants are just for you. They are very flattering I have to say!

If you are on a budget, just one piece from each of these lovely designers will change the way you look day in, day out, and bring some style and grace to your travel look.

If basics are what you need, but you want to save your money to shop while you are away, then head to Target or the like, to gather together some t-shirts, leggings, long cardigans and with a couple of lightweight designer pieces you will be turning heads in every country you visit!

Importantly, it is always good to bring the glamour to your airline’s check-in counter, where if you are well dressed and have matching good quality luggage, you may just get an Upgrade! And that is always worth a try.

Sound easy? Maybe, but if you are still wondering how to unravel the mysteries of travelling lightly, and looking glamorous, I would love to help you! Head to my website for  Travel workshop dates and you will be jetting away with glamour and grace in your case!

Until next time….


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5 Responses to Pack Your Glamour and Grace into a Case

  1. Kristy says:

    Great tips and I adore the black outfits!

    It’s so nice to see people well dressed (but still comfortable) when they’re travelling overseas. Not just on the plane (which is nice, but I can see how it’s easy to look like you’ve been dragged through a bush backwards – lipstick always helps!), but when they’re touring around.

    My theory is that it’s when you’re travelling that most photos of you get taken, and these days photos seem to get uploaded to the internet and live FOREVER, so try to make an effort. No faded, daggy, old, free, logo-ed stuff – not stuff you’d wear to dag around the house in. No football/sports club merchandise! You’ll regret looking average as soon as you get home and see the first photos of yourself in a mismatched tracksuit in Paris …

  2. sally says:

    Hello Felicity
    I think the email I received today was excellent! Very professional and very exciting! Go for it girlfriend!!!

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