New Luggage Allowances for Qantas

Now that Qantas and Emirate Airlines have officially joined forces, the big news for us as passengers is two fold. There are the new luggage allowances that are better than ever before for an economy traveller on either airline. But not so good for those up the pointy end.

The new limits for passengers who aren’t frequent flyers or hold Bronze status are as follows:

  • First class: 50 kg (down from 3 x 32 kg)
  • Business: 40 kg (down from 3 x 32 kg)
  • Premium economy: 40 kg (down slightly from 2 x 23 kg)
  • Economy: 30 kg (up from 1 x 23 kg)

This also means that you can have more than one bag, so long as they add up to the amount shown above.  So you can distribute the weight between a two, even three bags if you have to. But remember, you still have to lug them around when you get to your destination. So use this great idea to pack as lightly as you can!

For more details visit Qantas or Emirates Airlines so you have the lowdown on luggage.

Happy travels,

Felicity and Plane Jane


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