Relax! Felicity Offers First, Business and Premium Economy Memberships

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Depending on your chosen class, memberships include:

We’re very excited to offer these three very special, very value-based membership levels. The First Class Level will appeal to those who are looking for more personal contact with Felicity, taking you step by step through the process of organising your complete trip, access to the Plane Jane directory with services from house or pet minding to booking an opera ticket in Vienna. Enjoy exploring the many benefits! Keep in mind that annual members not only pay a discounted rate, they also get their books up front and are acknowledged in the podcast (in terms of Gold and Platinum members). Click on any of the buttons to see your discount for annual payments.

  • Free book “Travelling Light – Secrets fo the 7kg Carry-On Bag”
  • Webinars on Travel Topics
  • Free Tickets to a Travelling Light Workshop in your State
  • One on one worldly advice for selected clients with Felicity
  • Quarterly Magazine with the world’s latest ‘Hot Spots’
  • Instructional DVD’s on Packing your clothes for any kind of trip
  • Instructions on how to book online and use an internet cafe
  • Interviews with very clever, smart people of the travelling kind!
  • Recommendations on Travelling Apps for your Smart Phones and Tablets