Lapoche…Nifty Travel Pockets for Travelling

The mission this week for our scouts out and about was to find the best way to pack lightly and with ease….And look at what they came up with. Lapoche pockets are light, easy to spot in a dark case in the dark corner of any hotel! What’s more, they keep a busy traveller super organised. And I love the music too!

Share these great travel pockets with a friend and also tell them that if they buy them from The Luggage Professionals online or instore, they will get a further 5% off the already discounted price. How cool it that?

See, I am looking after you BIG time.


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2 Responses to Lapoche…Nifty Travel Pockets for Travelling

  1. Lisa says:

    great music, love the colours & i love these pocket concepts. I have used this concept & find it fabulous. it sorts everything into compartments, makes it easier to find, unpack, pack & provides so much more room! I’m sold on them, want to buy more & they make great gifts.

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