Laneway Shopping for Fun and Travel in Melbourne

It is that time of the year, when the sales are on and people are always hunting for that point of difference in the wardrobe. Not only that, but you are travelling to Europe and want to look chic and be comfortable in what you wear.

There is an easy solution to that…steer off the beaten track of the malls and main streets of Melbourne and discover some of the fabulous independently owned, creative shop owners in the laneways that weave in amongst the main thoroughfares of Melbourne.

When you take my tour of the laneways you will get to shop in some of the most treasured shops in Melbourne, and here are just some of the great retail shops hiding in the laneways…without giving too much away!


Ava and Red


Life With Bird


Hunt Leather






It doesn’t take much to get yourself into the city and join one of my Laneway Shopping Tours for Fun and Travel, so click here to find out details. It will be the best two hours you have ever spent in the city! And fun too! And you get to eat coffee and cake!!


Click here to contact Felicity and book your Laneway Shopping Tour.


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