Ease your Pre Travel Jitters in just 17.51 minutes!

Felicity Hutchison Yes, that’s right!…You can be out the door and on your way without a care in the world in just 17.51 minutes! Listen to Judith Barr and Felicity Hutchison for just the right amount of tips and advice to make sure you are all sorted before you leave for your trip of a lifetime.

Travel Checklist Interview

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  1. Marie Lockyer says:

    Have just returned from a coach tour from Mornington Peninsula to Canberra’s Floriade; away 5 nights, 6 days, 3 different stop-overs, lots of packing and unpacking and weather ranging from freezing mornings to balmy afternoons. Now in retrospect, I realise that I need specific advice on clothing to take. Types of fabrics, mix and match advice, accessories. Can you provide details about the types of clothing that pack well and wear well and are versatile enough to be suitable for smart day casual but able to be lifted for evening dinners? All this without overloading my case! Most people on the recent tour mentioned above, including myself, are aged over seventy, some into their nineties. We need cover-up clothing, long sleeved shirts and tops preferably with collar, comfortable travel pants, extra warmth layer and a coat when seasons demand. We need comfortable smart shoes that are versatile enough to be worn to dinner at night. Most of the women wear pants only, no dresses at all and a couple in skirts for evening. I think next time I will pack a spencer to wear under a shirt on cool days.It can be shed as the day warms up and will fit into a handbag. I noticed on the tour that we all made good use of scarves and night jewellery. What else can we do to pack lightly and still feel smartly dressed?

  2. It sounds to me like you have thought through many of the options. Well done! Look for fabrics that are easy to wash and wear without ironing. These include: Polyester/cotton blend, Viscose, Rayon, Modal and Bamboo (expensive). Shoes can be problematic, but if you stick to a walking pair, a dressy pair and a pair to slouch around in when you are relaxing you should be all set. Good luck!

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