Finding your Seat is as Easy as 1A, 2B, 3C!

For most of us where we sit on an aircraft is paramount to enjoying the journey to and from our destination. Too many times, this can go awry simply because you have a dud seat.

Thankfully, we can make some informed decisions by way of the award winning Travel Site, Seat Guru created by Matthew Daimler in 2001. The site has long been a fav of mine and Plane Jane’s because of it’s ease to use and valuable information.  I use it for all sorts of reasons, but number one would have to be as a  reference point for choosing my seat. After all, who wants to be near the galley or the loos while trying to sleep the flight away?!

The site itself is very easy to navigate around. It features aircraft seat maps with a colour-coded system to identify superior and substandard airline seats. You can find your flight’s seat map by typing in the airline, the flight number and the date you are travelling.

Up will come something that looks like this, then you can choose your seat. You can then ask your travel agent to request that seat for you, or request it yourself when booking your ticket online.


Seat Guru also features for every aircraft flying today:

  • a chart showing the pitch and width of the seats
  • video services available (seat, overhead or none)
  • lap top power, and power types
  •  in-flight amenities
  •  Check-in restrictions



Now you can be the Captain of your dream holiday by choosing a seat that is right for you!

I would love to hear if you have used Seat Guru before, and how it has saved you from a bad flying experience, or worse still, if you had used it, what would it have saved you from? Leave your comments below. I love reading them…and so do others!

Happy Travels,



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2 Responses to Finding your Seat is as Easy as 1A, 2B, 3C!

  1. sally says:

    Hey this is sweet Felicity-for one who has legs like the guy in the picture-not to mention my husband..Thanks-a really handy webby

  2. janne graham says:

    this gives independence in knowing how to access the seat that is best for me
    I love the 2 seats along the curve of the airplane in the airbus we went to Argentina on last year
    thanks for the tip

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