Decrease Your Carbon Footprint…Travel By Train!

There is something about train travel. Some call it romantic, others therapeutic. No matter what your opinion, in this day and age, it is far less popular than air travel. It can be incredibly expensive, and who has the time?

‘The Man in Seat 61’ will tell you differently. This website is gold and very convincing. Motivated by a lack of information for would be travellers in Europe, about train travel in general, he set about gathering information together to actually help us, the travellers, ┬áplan our trip, complete with all the schedules, routes, prices and destinations. Check it out and see if you think it is helpful. I think it’s brilliant!

Then I got to thinking about Australia, and how here we are very guilty of flying everywhere. Yes, it’s a big country, but then what ever happened to the journey being a part of the experience? He has even researched this great, massive country of ours and put together a very comprehensive page detailing fares, routes, different options and schedules. Maybe it might just be worth entertaining the idea of travelling one way of your holiday by train instead of a return airfare….and you can take more luggage too!

Australian Train Network

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