At Last…A Sexy Suitcase for the Ladies!

I don’t know about you, but I find it very difficult to find a suitcase that reflects my personality. This may sound a little strange, but we can certainly buy clothes to reflect the person we are, a car can do the same, but for me a suitcase never quite cuts it.

But then, along came Samsonite’s Firelite and American Tourister’s Prismo. Luggage that ‘pushes the boundaries in the world of luggage’ according to Samsonite. They are light, long lasting, durable and affordable. And best of all, could in most instances reflect the person we are.

Both models come with hard shell, have 4 wheels and a TSA 3 digit combination lock conveniently located on the side. The packing systems are not bad for a hard case, but of course you can change your life by using either the Eagle Creek or Lapoche packing systems. See earlier blog entries for these!


The most startling thing about this case is the weight. Samsonite’s Curv® self reinforced Polypropylene, makes it almost indestructable. It is the first of the cabin sized luggage to weigh in under 2kg, which means for those of us on a strict limit, 5kg of luggage space! The 10 year warranty gives an indication of this case’s quality.

Large      75x52x31cm    2.9kg    93L

Medium 69x47x29cm    2.6kg    73L

Small      55x40x20cm    1.9kg    35L



Available in Chilli Red, Silver, Charcoal and Deep Blue


American Tourister’s Prismo

Large       75x52x30cm   4.2kg   117L

Medium 65x45x26cm    3.4kg   76L

Cabin      55x35x25cm    2.5kg   48L



Available in Purple, Magenta, Charcoal, Orange, Neon Green and Royal Blue

After a stint on Big Brother, these cases have become very popular. And for good reason too. Their size, weight, colour and shape are very spectacular. All American Tourister (now owned by Samsonite) luggage bags go through a series of six quality control tests for durability, strength and dependability. The 3-year global warranty also further assures its high quality standards.

Which one to choose?

Prismos are in a completely different price range to the Firelite because they are made from Polycarbonate. While this still makes them light, strong and hard wearing, it is nowhere near the quality of the Firelite’s  Polypropylene. The Prismo’s surface can scratch very quickly, and the shell can break if put dropped from a great height.

Considering the cost of a suitcase, the cheaper Prismo may turn out to be false economy if you are a ‘frequent business traveller’. For a little extra cash, it maybe worthwhile  investing in a suitcase that gives you peace of mind. I believe Prismo is more for the ‘Vacation Traveller’. But remember to always go for a reputable brand with strong brand heritage and know how. 

So now, not only can you choose a neat coloured car, but you can get your suitcase to match almost anything, including your sexy personality! Take a look and see for yourself…

Both the Firelite and Prismo ranges are available now with a decent discount from The Luggage Professionals, with stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Brissy! And remember to get your extra 5% off if you enter ‘Plane Jane‘ into the promo code when you shop online!

Happy Travels,

Felicity and Plane Jane


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