Juno Antler On The Rise

Luggage companies bring out more bags than motor companies bring out cars. There is always the tweeking of this and that to make it a better bag, and these days weight and locks are the main focus of most luggage companies.


In Roman mythology, Juno means protectress of women and marriage, and this case is without a doubt a great case for women. It comes in a great array of colours (tick), the sizes are not massive, therefore easy to manouvre (tick) and of course nice and light for current airline weight requirements. Here are the statisics for those of you who like to compare. I have included the second generation Liquis, which has been a very popular case for Antler over the past couple of years.

  • Cabin                       Medium                             Large
  • 56x35x23                68x46x26cm                    79x53x31
  • 2.4 kg                      3.3kg                                  4.2kg
  • 45L                          70L                                     110L

Colour Pallet
Black, White, Yellow, Red, Navy, Royal Blue and Light Blue

Notable details:

Polypropelene material

360 degree rotating wheels

4 Wheeled locking trolley system

10 Year Warranty

All sizes have an Internal pocket on one side and straps on the other to help keep luggage in place, with a mesh pocket. Fitted with a TSA 3 numbered combination lock.


Liquis was released as a cheaper alternative to the Samsonite Cosmolite a few years ago. Cheaper because it is not made from the exact same material. Samsonite have a patent on their ‘Curve’ technology and are very secretive as to its actual composition. You can see how it is made here, but Liquis for the price is an excellent alternative. Here are the sizes and features of the Liquis suitcase. Try and get to a luggage shop to have a look at it up close to see if it the suitcase for you.

  • Cabin                                 Medium                                      Large
  • 56x35x23cm                     69x46x30cm                               81x55x33cm
  • 2.1kg                                    3.0kg                                           4.9kg
  • 32L                                         63L                                             102L

Notable details:

Aluminium frame

Polycarbonate flexes to prevent cracking

leather handle

Hinimoto wheels

10 Year Warranty

All sizes have a Internal pocket on one side and straps on the other to help keep luggage in place, with a mesh pocket. Fitted with an exterior TSA combination lock.

In conclusion, I believe that a suitcase like this has to be seen and held to see if you like the feel of it, see the packing system inside, to determine whether it meets your needs. As for the actual Antler brand and models, I like them. The Juno is fun, easy to use and the 69cm suitcase would be a great case for a 3 week European holiday. Easy to stowe in the trains, easy to fit in a taxi, or hire car and in a nice bright colour, easy to spot on the carousel, and the bright colours are always a deterrent for thieves.

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