An Iconic Melbourne Lane Way

I thought I might share with you some of the beautiful musings that go on everyday in the lane ways around the city of Melbourne. Known for their positive impact on the culture of our city and for their shops and restaurants, I was inspired to take some photos as have many others. If you are planning a trip to Melbourne or even if you live here, take a tour by yourself or hire a guide. You will not be disappointed.

It pays to look up once in a while!










Let’s start with the Block Arcade. Situated in between Collins Street and Little Collins Street in the CBD, it is one of the most beautiful arcades in Melbourne.

You can read all the history you like about it, but what I love is the actual experience of being in there, in amongst the shops and cafes. It has such a positive vibe, and the mosaic floor and the architecture add to that feeling. It is always a buzz with people, wandering throughout discovering all there is to see. The Haighs Chocolate Shop is directly under this dome, as is the Kosta Boda shop.

All Day Brekkie anyone?


Take a stroll a little further towards Little Collins Street, and you will come to the foodie part known as Block Place, which has some yummy cafes offering up everything from an all day breakfast, to pasta, to amazing coffee and of course cakes! These are open from the early morning to catch the workers and their coffee addictions, through to the last afternoon when a glass of wine and maybe a slice of something sweet is on the menu to download the day. Each one has someone ‘spruiking’ out the front, so take your pick. You will find it hard to decide….





The most popular place in there Block Arcade is the Hopetoun Tea Rooms which has a queue, but a fast moving one at that. They do the best ‘High Tea’ which you can make a reservation for online and you won’t be disappointed. The cakes are spectacular and the tea and coffee served in gorgeous cups and saucers. Quaint!

Purchased in 1891 for 18 Pounds, and set up by the Victorian Ladies Work Association as a ‘small tea room’, the Hopetoun Tea Rooms continues today with the tradition of combining old world charm with the heritage of fine food – especially the cakes!

Cakes…the best part about the Hoptoun Tea Rooms











Tea Rooms, chocolate shops, all day dining and amazing coffee are just some of the amazing sights before you when you venture into the Block Arcade in Melbourne, Australia.

Happy travels and let me know if you have had a good experience in the Block Arcade.




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