The Good Old Days of Travel








I was looking on Facebook the other day and everyone was doing a quiz about the olden days and it got me thinking about the first time I went on a big trip overseas.

It isn’t quite like today hey? When you left, you left knowing you would not speak or hear from anyone from home until you hit the next Post Office where your mail would be addressed ‘Poste Restante’. Awaiting you were a bundle of aerogrammes with light blue flimsy paper with news from home that were read more than once!

There was no contingency for an emergency, except for a telegram that may find you, if you said you were where you said you would be, in your itineray. But who ever stuck to that?

It wasn’t until a later trip that I acquired, with great expense to the management, a Sony Walkman and a few precious tapes I had recorded from my record collection before I left. Others I collected as I travelled around and places and music formed lovely relationships. I remember I left it on a bus in Turkey…damn! Never saw that again.

I never did see too many people wandering around with a Gameboy. Even on flights not many used them. We were all excited to be watching a communal movie that probably had not been released in Australia yet and we were the trailblazers seeing it on a plane. DVT socks were not even thought of for blood clots, and travel kits were part of the airline issue that we all got excited about.

I thought the reason to head overseas on the big trip was to get away from everything and everyone you knew and immerse yourself in other cultures…that was why I did it anyway….but next time, I would not be leaving without my IPad and Iphone…

How times change!

Ipad at left and Packing Pro App from the Apple Store to help you get your head around the packing. Best $2.99 you will ever spend!



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2 Responses to The Good Old Days of Travel

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    I used to pack a lead bag to store all my camera film when travelling as they used to warn you that the X-Ray machines could damage or even wipe your film! This year I’m thinking of just using my smartphone to replace my Digital SLR camera otherwise, I’ll have a tablet, a smartphone, a kindle and a camera…and all the associated cables! Will be checking out the Android apps such as Packing List, thanks for the tip!

  2. Joe Staiano says:

    Felicity… so sorry to hear about your Walkman. I’m sure its still in good use. I miss calling home at a foreign coin payphone where each 60-seconds was charging you the equivalent of 1 nights hostel stay. Love-ya-mom-but-gotta-go! Joe

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